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Warehousing made convenient


A warehouse is more than a large shed; it is a key facility in a company’s supply chain and distribution strategy. Corporate growth, changes in manufacturing and the slightest redesign in the distribution pattern can impact your warehousing needs. If that isn’t enough as a strategic feature, your warehouse needs to be developed in a way that it serves your business’s needs two, three or even five years down the line.

Needless to say that planning, designing and expanding a warehouse is not something that can be rushed. Moving to a new facility is a long-term commitment; moreover you only have one chance to get it right! This is where we enter. “SEPL” can assist you in this strategy development. Our Services and our experienced consultants will work with you to help you develop a new warehouse to meet your present and future requirements.

“SEPL” can assist you in strategy development. We turn your
warehouse operations into a competitive advantage.

In addition to your daily jobs, the following need to be
considered while designing a new warehouse and the
busy executives do not have the time for this

Size of the warehouse
Number of Loading Bays
Receipts & Dispatch Areas
Automated or Conventional
Stock Location
Warehouse Management System
Building & Fire Regulations

Why You Can Trust Us

We are one of Mumbai’s leading, privately owned, Third Party Logistics Companies. Managed by a team of professionals and experienced advisors, we provide a multi-user “shared load” distribution. Our ‘Warehouse Solutions’ include both shared user and dedicated warehousing along with stock consolidation.

Companies in the Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Technology, FMCG, RMG, Food Product, Automobile, Retail and other Industries can rely on “SEPL” to manage their warehouse operations as part of an integrated logistics management solution.

We provide the following services

Distribution & Delivery
Office Automation Support
Professional & Contract
Labor Supply
Inventory & Stock Control
Warehouse Management
Return Processing
Performance Testing
MIS & Internet Access
Loading / Unloading
Repacking / Reworking
Statutory Requirement
Pick & Pack